How to pass a virtual Field Parameneter to a Query

Please help if you can.
I have a main Form that needs to be able to enter two (Virtual Filelds):
(Virtual Field A = where I am to enter (“ID Value”) and then
(Virtual Field B) = where I to enter numeric number Value.

Then the Main Form is to call A query that suppose to use this “ID Value” to find the coresponding record in its “Table”
and to perform calculation such as division on some of its numeric fields, of its Record with the Virtual Parameter (Field B) that was passed by the Main Form.

Output the Result.

Idealy if possible to use a list box in Main Form to be able to choose the specific record of the Table.
Thank you very much.

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You can do this with a filter table. The list box and value for computation (only specified one here - can add more) are stored in the one record filter table. When the button is pressed, the query (basis of the other form) is rerun displaying the information.

Sample ---- CalculatedAnswer.odb

Thank you for your help. it works.