How to pass value to Query Parameter in a Form from Form Controls?

Hi, I have a Query with Parameters and a Form that I’ve made for that Query. Since the Query have Parameters, when I open the Form a Dialog appears asking for Values to the Parameters of the Query.
I’d like to know how can I supply values to Query Parameter got from the Form (made to that Query), specifically, from its controls, so that instead of supplying the values in the initial Dialog, I can fill in the controls and in a click of a button pass the controls’ values to the Parameters of the Query. Is there a way to doing so?

Create a subform bound to the parameter query. Instead of column names, link the parameter names to the corresponding fields of the parent form.

Ok and how could I link the parameters in the subform to the Controls’ values in the parent form? with form “Filter Data” with grey subform filtered by 4 optional parameters.
Click the drop-down arrows to enter the required names.