How to paste data from Base to Calc without date recognition


I need some help cause this problem drives me mad.

I have about 350000 records in one query - 5 columns in which 2 are float numbers. First of all I had to cast them to character strings in Base query (TO_CHAR function) because column was set to DOUBLE and Base kept rounding it to two decimal places. After TO_CHAR it shown full data, however switched decimal point to dot (in my locale it is a comma).

Anyway now I copy whole query and paste it to calc. But then some cells gets recognized as dates (18.02 gets recognized as 18 of February) and so on. Of course only some cells - 1 in 100 more or less. This is mad because there is no turning back then I cannot undo this.

How to accomplish my task?? Paste data without this mad date recognition, maybe I can turn it off in spreadsheet???

I tried to change its format after pasting data, but it only gets worse. Changing to number or text converts date into some big number - 18.02 gets converted into 42418.

This is date recognition is like some kind of evil wizard. It should be killed before it drives everyone mad.

I’ve managed to temporarily overcome this particular issue by removing ;D.M from field in Tools → Options → Language Preferences → Languages → Accepted date templates. Now when pasting all cells are left untouched.