How to paste text with changes

I want to work on a translation in a writer document. I have made a multipage twocolumn table, on one side there’s the original, on the other side there’s the translation. Now the orignal has changed. I have made another writer document with a comparison of the old/new original (with the “Compare document” tool in the Edit menu). I want to paste that document with the tracked changes into my table. Simply copy/pasting the text loses the information on changes.

I can paste a DDE link, that gets me one page of text with changes and a red arrow at the end. I can break the DDE link afterwards to make the handling a bit easier, but I don’t see how I can get that hidden text to expand in the empty columns on the following pages. If I delete the first page of my pasted text, the missing text is there, but it does not flow into following pages.

How can i get the pasted DDE text to flow into multiple pages in my column?

Or is there a better way to do this?