How to permanently eliminate the Restore Nag window on a Mac

This is truly not obvious.

I de-installed as per the documentation.

I’ve read the various notes about this subject and the techniques suggested don’t work.

I haven’t yet found how to invoke the application using the --restore option.

I would really like to resolve this problem and then permanently remove this software from my Mac and those of my work colleagues.


OP: @dhs56

Duplicate of LibreOffice startup always asking reopen windows

Heu…first of the first witch Mac Osx you are using ?

  1. When you say that you uninstall as the documention said… you did what exactly and wich documentation you followed ?
    (because to uninstall LO on a Mac you just have to slide the app to the trash and it,s finish nothing else to do !! )
  2. i never seen a restore nag screen of LO or OOo on a Mac
  3. may be you have a permission problem, to resolve it you should may be try
    Finder > Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility App
    You select your Hard drive and click on “verifiy disk permissions” and then “repair disk permissions”
  4. in case of you have installed “MacKeeper” (they are making mass advertising on the internet), i’m sorry for you, but now you know where your problem come from.
    you will find a lot of website trying to help peoples to remove this sh.t

Hi - I have the same issue on a Mac running Lion. I had a crash so I think there is some file remaining which triggers the “Restore Wiindows” window and this window follows me after a complete removal and re-install of BOTH 3.5 versions and the new 3.6 version! If you drag the app to trash it does NOT remove everything - you need to remove the preferences files and app file sometimes in …/Library/Preferences/org…Libre… and …/Library/Libre…; but after did remove these the problem still persists, but upon installing either the new 3.6 or 3.5 versions I still have this window, but in my case it grays out the quit button and has other side effects – the only way I can quit is to Force Quit the application. I have been dealing with this issue now for a week!

So my question is does anyone know, "What causes the “Restore Windows” window to be activated so guys like me can then search the disks to find the file that is popping this ‘feature’ up and preventing the entire application from working? Poor recovery code actually - especially if you have to use disk utility to fix an corrupted application! All of my other apps and systems are working perfectly – it is this application that is screwed up some how --ugh!

Any answers would be great - as I still feel it is some left over .lock file or some MAC OS system file that is triggering this “nag window” to come up?

Regards to all,

Reported as fdo#39007.

For details and a workaround: Questions tagged “restore-windows”.



LibreOffice 4.1.2