How to permanently undock the sidebar?

I have a two monitor setup, where my main work monitor is vertical. Running 6.2.0 β1-1 under Debian testing, Gnome 3.22.

I want that everytime I open a LibreOffice instance, open a document or create a new document, the sidebar will be undocked (floating), and away from the main monitor (at the side, secondary one). Is it possible? Or at least that the sidebar will be floating by default?

Drag the sidebar to the left or right side with the mouse until a gray rectangle becomes visible. Then release the mouse.

No, if I do this — or use the undock menu option — the next time I open the document, or LibreOffice itself, the sidebar is again docked.

Sorry, that seems to be a special case.

@Hrbrgr’s answer works for me on Win 7 Pro x64 and LO The sidebar’s position is saved between restarts.

Thanks. I will add details about my environment then. Perhaps I should report it as a bug?