how to play a PPS file 6.2.8?

Any idea how to play a powerpoint show file with libreoffice? The ones I have tried hang on the first slide and the only option is to kill the app to get out. I do enjoy listening to the nice music that is being played during that slide but I need to move on :slight_smile: Hitting the enter key or clicking the mouse has no effect. This is windows 10 1909

You play a PPS file just that way: opening it with LibreOffice. If it hangs, there’s a bug in LibreOffice, which needs to be reported to bug tracker, along with sample hanging file.

issue does not exist in 6.3.3 or in

@eastavin: have you tested that yourself, or do you rely on my comment in the bug (where I only talk about myself being unable to reproduce, which might mean that it’s specific to e.g. GPU, or other unknown factor)? If you tested it yourself, then please close the bug WORKSFORME with a comment saying which version have you tried. Thanks!