How to play audio in Impress on demand

I have a presentation in which several slides contain embedded audio. When I run the presentation, the audio plays automatically as soon as I show the relevant slide.

What I would prefer is to play the audio when I tell it to. In other words, I arriveat the slide, I talk to the audience for a few seconds, and then I play the audio. This works fine in PowerPoint. Is it possible in Impress?

I am using Libre Office 6.2.8 under Windows 7. The audio is in MP3 format.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Mike! Welcome to the ask site!

One way you can do this is to add an object to the slide, and give it an interaction to play the audio. For example:

  1. Use the Ellipse tool to draw a “button”
  2. Right click the “button” and select “Interaction”
  3. Change the “Action at mouse click” to “Play audio”. An “Audio” field should appear.
  4. Click the “Browse” button, select your audio file, and click “OK”.

Alternatively, by enabling the side bar and the Custom Animation section, you might be able to trigger the audio with a click as something appears in the slide.

Let us know if you run into another hiccup!

Hi Rex,

That worked perfectly. Many thanks. And I found that I could display a “music note” symbol (from the Webdings font) in the ellipse, to give me a visual reminder of the presence of the audio.

I’m assuming the audio files will not be embedded in the presentation, so I will have to be sure that they are present on the target computer. That won’t be a problem.

Thanks also for your welcome to the forum. I have just started using LIbre Office, and although it’s all pretty self-explanatory, I’m sure I will have more questions.


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