How to populate a Table and a JunctionTable in a form

Hello everybody,

(LibreOffice 6.2, Integrated Firebird )

I have 3 Tables, we’ll call them “Object” and “Component” + “JunctionObjectComponent”

I need to create a form to ADD an “Object” in the “Table”.

This Object contains a lot of information (no problem)
but a particular piece of information is a list of Components of a certain type in a number of them.

So I created the junction table with ObjectID, ComponentID, ComponentNumber.
I also created the relation on ObjectID between the “Object” table and the “JunctionObjectComponent” table 1 to N
and on the ComponentID between the “Component” table and the “JunctionObjectComponent” table 1toN

How can I create a form to add/update onbjects to the “Object” table and add/update the “JunctionObjectComponent” table?

Thanks by Advance.


Your description is a bit cloudy. You state “…a particular piece of information” then “…in a number of them”.

Now it appears these are items for Object which actually are a collection of other items. Don’t even know if this “…in a number of them” all use the same “Component” table.

Please add more descriptive information. Possibly some sample data.

It also appears you are using Firebird embedded database - not ‘Integrated’.

Sorry, I probably made a mistake, a recreate a new form from scratch ans i have no problem … Stupidly lost 1 entire day before this trying to change parameters …
Sorry for your time :frowning:
Does I delete the question ?

No problem and no need to delete. I will close it.