How to Populate Combo Box Within Table Control in Form

I have a Libre Office Base Form for data entry with a subform that contains a Table Control. I have made two of the columns in the Table Control into Combo Boxes by right clicking on the column headers in design view. However the columns do not populate with the unique values from the corresponding field of the underlying table unlike combo boxes outside a Table Control. How can I populate combo boxes within a Table Control? Thanks for any Tips


Not certain as to what you have done or exactly what result you are looking for. Combo boxes (a bit different from list boxes) basically work the same in a table control as outside a table control. The exception is when dealing with macros in which case it becomes much more difficult.

Attached is a very simple sample with one table and one form.

Sample: ComboBox.odb

Edit: As with any combo box or list box, where the list comes from is a critical setting. In the sample view the Data tab in the properties of the combo box (‘name’ column of the table control). On this tab is a property Type of list contents and the property below it, List content. This is how you actually create the list. Just replacing (or creating a new field) with a combo box and assigning it to a field does not generate the list. The actual list happens when filling in these two fields. It can come from a variety of sources depending upon your needs and the form design.

If you are still having problems, please provide more specifics as to what is being done & a sample may be very helpful.

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Right click on column header.
Select “Replace With” to choose a control
Right click on column header again and choose “Column” to set the control’s properties
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