How to *precisely* align various writer form elements?

Consider a table of N rows by 2 columns, where each cell is an input element. Imagine now that row 4 has one cell slightly higher than the other. Imagine that at row 5 it gets slightly worse, and by row 15, one of the cells is a half-cell farther down the page than the other. That was the problem I was having when trying to line up two columns of input elements.

I finally got it, but via a very gross method of unzipping and hand-editing the saved ODT file. I’m assuming I missed a large something in the GUI. What? My original attack plan was:

  1. Roughly align the various input elements with the mouse.

  2. Right-click on each element, and specify an exact placement
    and size, such that mathematically, each cell should be
    aligned. (e.g. left column has width of 2", right has
    width of 5", both top cells start at 3" down the page, and
    each row has a height of 0.3")

That didn’t work, so after many hours of futzing, I finally unzipped the ODT file and manually aligned the various elements to exact inches. There has got to be a better way to precisely align various form elements. Any hints?

I am not sure if I got your problem right, but if I did, the answer is there in your question itself.

Use a table of N rows by 2 columns and insert your form controls into the table cells. If all your fields are of the same type (say all are edit boxes), you life is simple.

  1. Just add the field
  2. change its anchor ‘as character’
  3. Copy the field and paste it into other cells.

Even if you have multiple types of fields, its no big deal. I took the liberty of creating a small form field in a table table attachment. Please have a look and see if it helps. Forms in Table.odt

Sorry for the delay … I’m not in a position to test this out per my question just now, but once you said “Table”, I thought “Duh!”. I’m still frustrated that exactly aligning didn’t work, but using a table for formatting (again, duh!) is what I should have done. Thanks.