How to preserve case in a calc column

I enter a code like WRn in a calc column, and it gets automatically converted to Wrn (the upper case R is converted to lower case r)-- but in my application, preserving the case of all characters is important.

Is there a way to enforce the preservation of case in a spreadsheet column?

(Note that the case conversions don’t always occur, but seem to depend on the particular combination of letters I enter.)

Thanks for any hints!

The AutoCorrect tool (aka AutoSpoil) has an option
COrrect TWo INitialCApitals. You need to disable it at:
Tools>AutoCorrect Options>Options


aka AutoSpoil

Well, the feature is obviously wanted by many. Does something that is offered, while being configurable and allowing disabling, deserve such emotions?

You need to disable it

Or learn how to create exceptions, if appropriate (no idea if your codes are limited to some finite subset). See Exceptions tab in the same dialog.

If I remember correctly, the “aka AutoSpoil” wasn’t my own invention. It also wasn’t meant to express emotions, but to be a “friendly joke” if such a thing can be at all.
Yet I wouldn’t deny that I’m a sceptic concerning this and many features “wanted by many”. As I see it there are cases where the “many” dreamed of a feature like “do what I want instead of obeying my silly commands”. In other cases I suspect the many were one or two. (A failed joke again.)
In the given case I also considered whether or not I should point out a way to create a subset (low number!) of exceptions - with the obvious result. My decision was lead by the general judgement that we cannot GetWhatYouWant without thoroughly proofreading and doing a TellWhatYouWant. The second step should be safely supported by the software (siftware? A pun again).
There are useful tools where learning how to use them may require hours while dispensing would cost a few minutes a year.
Sorry if I annoyed you!

@Lupp: :slight_smile:

You express the opposite extreme - instead of “read my mind” wanted by inexperienced users, you tell about “do exactly what I say”. Both are reasonable - only the first is impossible yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But there are other shades of grey. And well, it’s a usual thing when user types a word starting with an uppercase letter (and does not rely on automatic uppercasing in the beginning of a sentence - note that user explicitly expresses the intention! Nice, isn’t it!) - but making a mechanical mistake, releases the Shift a bit late, and the second letter gets also uppercased. This is very common; much more common in the real life (when taking into account millions of users) than actual usage of two-initial-uppercase words. And the feature allows to save much more millions of human-seconds than it wastes when some learn how to disable/configure that.

@mikekaganski: We may need to suggest some research by featurologists to get (empiric?) evidence: proofs and refutations concerning our different claims. As soon as epidemiologists got their wink of sleep again, some of them may step in. The fields are related.
Joking aside: On my behalf I’m ready to confess that there may be bias and age blocking an openminded approach.
However, (back to joking) in a different forum, I was urged already to be more openminded concerning numerology. And Wolfgang’s bias is much better than Mike’s bias, of course.
I really would like to meet you in a Biergarten of München.
“The second step should be safely supported by the software.” I forgot who posted that. I would agree, and add “also easily”.

I really would like to meet you in a Biergarten of München.

Sigh… This year, LibOCon should had been in Nuremberg (and hopefully, some of us could arrange the meeting - either me visiting München, or you visiting the conference) - but alas!..

Yes, I know where Nürnberg is, I have a car, a motorbike, …
Is the conference definitely moved to the nothingness of hyperspace(Asimov) aka “online”?
You may suspect me to dislike the idea?
Your’e right.

Is the conference definitely moved to the nothingness of hyperspace(Asimov) aka “online”?

It seems so: Online openSUSE + LibreOffice Conference | LibreOffice Conference 2021 - Nurenberg Germany