How to preserve WEBSERVICE results when sheet closed?

I have a sheet with a couple of dozen cells each with a formula containing a WEBSERVICE call with parameters unique to the cell . They are API calls that return JSON data, not links to external files (the WEBSERVICE calls are parameters to REGEX calls that extract the wanted numeric datum). Updating them all takes about 30 seconds. It’s not important that I see updated data each time I open the sheet’s .ODS; I would prefer not to have to wait 30 seconds to use it. But each time I open it, the cells display ERR540 and there’s a banner across the top of the sheet saying “Automatic update of external links has been disabled.” with an “Update” button. In sum, I’m forced to update on each open.

The settings of Preferences::LibreOffice Calc::Formula::Recalculation on File Load don’t seem to make a difference. Nor can I see a way to make the Edit::Links to External Files… dialog make a difference. Is there a way to preserve the WEBSERVICE results when the sheet is closed?; MacOS 13.3.1