How to prevent an index from using TOC entries

I’ve created a TOC with no problems.

I now want an index but when I select apply to all similar texts it also selects TOC entries which I do not want. Is there a way of telling writer not to use some pages?

Apply to all similar texts is provided as a dumb convenience to quickly mark all occurrences of an index keyword. By “dumb”, I mean it only takes into account the sequence of characters making up the index entry, independently from semantics. The result contains unwanted entries as you experience it.

The only way I know how to fix this is a manual procedure.

Put the cursor at the beginning of the unwanted entry (at the very left of the first character) and right-click. Select Edit Entry from the contextual menu. Push button Delete.

If there are other entries with same index key, two navigation arrows are enabled at bottom of dialog. Use them to jump forward or backward to the next occurrence.

Of course, if your key is a common word and you have many occurrences, you are better off to scroll yourself to the next unwanted entry, either manually with the vertical scrollbar, or through the Navigator panel.

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