How to prevent LibO from searching next item after replace?

presently LibO goes to the next item after replacing, is there a way to make it stay where the search result is to see what the replacement actually looks like?

I am using regex.

LibO version
Mac High Sierra


No - there is no option to do so.

Thank you Opaque, I’ve submitted an enhancement request.

@Earendil - for reference purposes and to enable users to find the proper bug reports, please always leave the id of a bug report related to a question - for now: #tdf138285. Thanks in advance …

You can link to a bug report prefixing the bug number with fdo#; e.g. fdo#138285.

? - I’ve learned from devs here the The Document Foundation bugzilla prefix is #tdf

Thank you both Opaque and LeroyG, I’ll keep that in mind!

Just trying to see what happen: fdo#138285 tdf#138285 #fdo138285 #tdf138285

No code written, just plain text. Both 1st and 2nd give different url but reach the same page.

With the help of a macro following the next algorithm (works by hand, but is labor-intensive):

  1. Find Next
    1. Select the cell
  2. Check Current selection only
  3. Replace all
  4. Uncheck Current selection only

EDIT: An alternative using mouse and keyboard

  1. Click on Replace (to find)
  2. Press Alt+U
  3. Click on Replace (to replace)
  4. Press Alt+U

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

Thank you, muchas gracias LeroyG, I’ve submitted an enhancement request.

Do you think it would be something I could record, since we are talking of writer, in point 2 it is the sentence or string selected that would have to be selected. Do you think that it is still possible?

My apologies for not paying attention that the question is about Writer. I edited my answer.

Very good suggestion LeroyG it does work manually. I have tried to make a macro without success, yet.