How to prevent turn-off display or sleep in active Impress presentation in Win 10

Is there a setting in LO Impress (7.3) to prevent windows to turn-off display or go to sleep when Impress presentation is active. I didn’t see any particular settings in Win 10 settings neither in LO Impress. I’m using presentation via HDMI port to projector. I’ve tried different projectors and it’s always the same situation. I’m using HP Pavilion laptop. Windows have settings to turn-off display after 10min. I’ve also tried with playing music via VLC and also it would go to sleep. Using PowerPoint it doesn’t happened, though, but I prefer LO.

A bit different, but related: tdf#120326

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For Windows 10 click Start menu > Settings > System > Power & Sleep to access the controls.

On Battery I normally leave Screen for 10 minutes and Sleep after 20 minutes.

On Plugged in Screen I set to turn off after 4 hours, Sleep after 5 hours. When doing a presentation, the projector has power so the laptop can be plugged in also. If it is plugged in, it shouldn’t turn off before the entire audience has fallen asleep.

If you need different plans for different occasions, then click the Additional Power Settings link at the right. In the new window click Create a Power Plan and create as many power plans as you might need. Select the appropriate one to match the situation.

Yes that is exactly the problem, I also use USB Logitech presenter, to flip slides, so looks like laptop doesn’t treat this as input and it goes to sleep.
But regardless, Impress should be able to prevent sleep when presentation is active, same as VLC prevents sleep when watching video in full screen, and also Powerpoint also prevents sleep in presentation mode
As you also mentioned there, it looks like it’s a bug then.

True that is one solution, to disable sleep/display-off, but why if presentation should disable power timer, and it works with Powerpoint, it works with VLC …

What do you mean? Presentation is active and speaker speaking :), nobody sleeps, but plugged in laptop :slight_smile:

If I set screen to go off at 5 minutes, then each click of my generic USB presenter resets the time to screen-off by another 5 minutes.

If I set a looping presentation then Impress does not keep screen from turning off. This is a problem if a presentation has to be given on someone else’s laptop, say using a portable version.

Ultimately, when Impress is running a slideshow, it should keep the screen from turning off regardless of input.

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The bug got fixed in the meanwhile.

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Wow! Instant. Thank you Mike, I will look forward to LO 7.5

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