How to print a 'ligature' sign

A friend of mine is a musician and songwriter and would like to know if it is possible to print a ‘ligature’ between two words in LO Writer.

you can use Unicode character U+203f like this‿and‿that (if that displays with what you refer to as “ligature” above unicode standard calls it untertie, then you got a suitable font installed).

On linux/with GTK input method, you can enter it by pressing <ctrl>+<shift>+u, then typing in the character code - i.e. release the combination, then type “203f”, then <enter>.

When not using linux/the GTK-input method, you need to go via Insert|Special character or you can set a autoreplacement using Tools|AutoCorrect Options…. In the Replacement table you can enter a string like ~~ and in the replace by you insert the undertie. Now when you write <space>~~<space> LibreOffice will replace the ~~ by the undertie. So if a space before/after the symbol is OK, then you can take this approach. (or you have to remove the spaces afterwards, for example using search and replace)

wow thanks :slight_smile: