How to print a mirrored/flipped document

I need to print a document (from Writer or Draw) which has to be printed mirrored (or vertical/horizontal flip). Is there a way how to do it in LO?
Thank you for your help.

It would help, if you told us what OS do you use.

When you are using Linux, you could use command line tool pdfflip (found inf pdfjam package) to mirror your PDF.

If you happen to possess a printer with PostScript support and use Linux, you could select mirrored printing from printer settings, use system-config-printer tool to duplicate your printer, name it to include mirror and from properties set a tick to “mirror”. Unfortunately printing dialogs usually don’t have a way to change that setting.

If you have PostScript printer and use Windows, you could select Properties from printing dialog, then Advanced from General tab, and under PostScript settings you would find “mirrored output”, change it to “yes”.

And if you have Windows but no PostScript printer, install CutePDF printer (software) and use it as described in previous paragraph, then open your newly created PDF and print it any way you like.

Thank you mahfiaz for the answer.
I do not think that OS is important, that’s why I did not mentioned it. I use OO/LO on Win or Linux.
The question was related to LO only, not to the OS or other ways around. I solved this problem on Win by usin PdfCreator and the Miroring during the print. Better would be to have this feature implemented directly in the LO. Anyway thank you for your help and the confirmation lack of the feature. Thank for the LO as well.

Using mirrored output is pretty specific feature (only useful for a few hunder people who use transparencies and as in my case for some prepress shops, but they have their own tools anyway), I don’t think many people would benefit from it, therefore I am totally fine with the lack of this feature.

Every printer that can print on transparencies (any inkscape printer I have used so far) offers mirrored output. No need for every software to duplicate what the printer driver can do.

Cups (i.e. printing on linux) had this option since years as well: