How to print duplex short edge with different top/bottom margins?

Dear all,
​ ​ ​ ​ ​For double-sided flip-up/-down documents which are bound on the top short edge, sometimes I am under space constraints and do not have the liberty to use 1" top & bottom margins. ​ ​In these cases, I have to take a manual approach with several steps which can get confusing, thus prone to error and ruining the whole print.
​ ​ ​ ​ ​For example, suppose a document has 1" top margin and 0.2" bottom margin. ​ ​With my printer, in order to properly print it duplex short edge I have to:

  1. Say a prayer :pray:
  2. Print simplex, Odd pages only. ​ ​Now I have a stack of sheets starting with page 1, then page 3, and so on.
  3. Reverse the stack, so the last page is on top, then second-to-last page is underneath, and so on, then page 3, then page 1 on the bottom.
  4. Flip the stack over on the short edge (or rotate the stack 180° then flip on the long edge).
  5. Put the stack back in printer’s paper tray.
  6. Change the page margins to 0.2" top and 1" bottom.
  7. Print simplex, Even pages only.
  8. Repeat step 2.
  9. :crossed_fingers: & check that the print came out correct.

:weary: Any way to automate more of this?

  • Set first page style as Right Page with top margin of 1" and bottom margin of 0.2".
  • Press Ctrl+Enter to create a page break and right click that second page (Left Page) to set the Left Page margins of Top 0.2", Bottom 1"
  • Save as Template

Sample in Letter size
LetterSizeDuplexTopEdge.odt (9.8 KB)

White space in a document is not wasted space, it is easier for the reader, it helps emphasise the words, and the margins protect the document from physical damage.

More information on page layouts in the Writer Guide, download from English documentation | LibreOffice Documentation - LibreOffice User Guides

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Todays print-settings allow usually to influence also the sequence of printing. Check options in LibreOffice and the printer-driver. (But the suggestion above should not need any manual interference, if your printer can do duplex. If not manual reversing the stack can usually be avoided).

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Thanks I’ll see how it goes next time I need it and report back any issues!