How to print images from a calc sheet used as data base for form letters

I’m using Libreoffice on Ubuntu 22.04. In fact I’m using libreoffice since StarOffice times.

My problem today is to print membership cards with identity pictures for my sports club members from the calc sheath which is my members data base.

The idea was to add to the members table a column containing identity card photos and use these later as database fields when printing the form document. That part was easy as one can simply insert an image into a cell.

The form letter I’m printing the club cards from already exists. It used to have an empty field where the member can glue his own identity photo on.

Now I want to fill this empty space in my form document with that database field referring to the cell the identity photo is stored in the calc sheath.

In principle this seems to be an easy step, but the space for the picture just stays blank and I don’t know how to tell the form letter “here comes an image” and how to place it.

Any hint much appreciated.

at least you’re not alone :wink:

same here :

Should be possible, if you use Base, with your sheet as datasource, and links/filenames for the pictures in one column. Then you can create a report in Base.

Thank you for the hint, I’ll try and report. However, give me some time.