How to print landscape brochure?

When trying to print a brochure (booklet) in landscape, LO fails to preserve the landscape orientation of the pages. Brochure rotates the paper into landscape and splits the page vertically (into 2 portrait sub-pages) and inserts upright scaled landscape pages into the resulting portrait sub-pages, failing preserve the landscape orientation on the sub-page.
Printing 2 pages per page properly maintains splits the page horizontally into 2 landscape pages and preserves the landscape orientation of the document.

How can a landscape brochure be printed?

Brochure print dialogue
2-Page print dialogue

Examples and screenshots can be found here

Version: / Build ID: e5f16313668ac592c1bfb310f4390624e3dbfb75 / Locale: en-US (en_US.UTF-8)
Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE)

Please add document page size and paper sheet size . And more information about your printer is needed, e.g. name of printer, duplex?

Do you have enabled the options “Use only paper size from printer preferences” and “Use only paper tray from printer preferences” in the “Options” tab of the print dialog? The settings are not stored in the file and you need to check it each time. Without that, manual page layout does not work at all.

Brochure printing is highly dependent on the features of your printer, so a general tutorial is not possible. Modern printers often have the feature of brochure printing, so it might be, that it will better work for you, when you do not set up LibreOffice to generate a brochure but let your printer do this.

As part of the tests, I used used a PDF printer and verified the same behavior with both duplex and non-duplex printers. I enabled the options mentioned in all 4 permutations. In all cases it merely changes the orientation of the printed paper but only spits the pages vertically into 2 horizontally aligned sub-pages. In all cases the landscape document pages are scaled and oriented upright into the sub-pages rather then rotated into the correct landscape orientation.

When “2 Pages per Page” is selected, rather than brochure, the page is correctly spit horizontally resulting in 2 landscape sub-pages with the document pages properly placed into the landscape sub-pages. This is the orientation I would expect for a landscape brochure/booklet.

I am not permitted to post images or documents here, so all screenshots, test document and resulting PDFs can be found here.

I have yet to discover how to make Writer do this correctly. An I missing something or is this something to submit a bug report?

I guess, that you want landscape with “long edge binding” (often used for calendar). Such is not possible with LO. So yes, write a feature request. For to get it printed now, do nothing in LO, but set your printer to make the brochure. Testing with a “pdf-printer” is no good idea, because you need to tell the original printer the correct setting in its printer setup. Or export the document to pdf and use “Acrobat Reader” (available for Linux?) to print . Its printing features are excellent.

Thanks Regina. I will submit a Feature Request for “long edge binding”. (It really is a feature deficiency.) Funny you mentioned calendars because that is just what I’m trying to print. Thanks for the help.