how to print large image across multiple pages in Draw

I would like to enlarge an image pasted into Draw that is currently the size of one regular 8.5x11" paper, to 4 times its size, then have it print across 4 sheets of paper. I tried Page => Properties and under the Page tab, set paper format to User, and specify a 17x22" size of paper (and set all margins to zero). I then enlarged my image to fit the 17x22" sheet. However, when I try to print, regardless of whether I choose “Distribute on Multiple Sheets of Paper” or “Tile sheet of paper with repeated pages”, the first sheet prints the original image in the original size, and the other 3 sheets print different parts of the original image in the original size, matching what the print preview shows. I could hack this and crop the enlarged image 4 times to produce 4 different quadrants, and print each one separately, but my final goal is to enlarge the image to 12 times its current size, so the hack would be too cumbersome at that scale. I apologize if the answer is out there. I couldn’t find it.

It should work like you describe it.

A common workaround for graphical issues like this:

  • export your document to a pdf file
  • set your pdf viewer to spread printout over multiple sheets.

While this method described should work, it doesn’t in Version: Build ID: 1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 for Ubuntu.
What does happen is the full image is shrunk to fit page one, then pages 2-n are printed as if they were the tiled images, but shrunk to the same ratio as page 1.

The workaround commonly suggested of creating a PDF and printing that doesn’t work under Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS either.

The only workaround i have found is to create the image, then tell it that its page size is 8.5x11. This will show the large image spreading out over the edges of the page. Then, move the image so the page is aligned with the area I want to print.

This is cumbersome and prone to errors.