How to print on 11x17 using Spreadsheets

I am new to using LibreOffice. We have an 11x17 document we want to print on an 11x17 sheet in spreadsheets. Format/Page is set up to 11x17 landscape. When we go to print and select the printer it does not give us an option to change page size it defaults to paper handling setting of “suggested paper:09D601D” the print preview looks fine but in the file/print preview window it is cut off. We have tried this on multiple computers now and cannot get it to print correctly. We used to use this document in Excel and printed fine. Anyone have any ideas of what is going on and if I can provide more information to help you help me let me know. Thanks in advance.

Please don’t omit all the relevant information: LibreOffice version; OS used; printer.

Please check if toggling Use only paper sizes from printer preferences on Options tab of Print dialog makes any difference.

Sorry new to posting here, we are using, Libre and Mac HighSierra 10.13.5 and we have Ricoh digital printing equipment.

I dont see an options tab in the print menu?

Well: Print dialog is not Print menu - but no experience with macOS, so might be some specifics there…

Strange that nobody knows how to print on an 11x17, we have spent hours trying to figure this out and trying on multiple computers and no matter what we cannot get the 11x17 document to print on a 11x17 sheet whenever we change paper handling to 11x17 it cuts half of the image off and keeps defaulting to a paper size that is not the correct size of the document size.