How to print serial numbers (auto-incrementing values) on text documents?

I want to print 500 copies of a document and I want to serial number each individual printed page.

The document itself will not be edited. I need an automatic way to change each printed copy. The serial numbers will still start with number 1000 and end with 1499 in this example. The serial number needs to be printed in the header.


You can use the Mail Merge technique:

  • Create a spreadsheet including the numbers from 1000 to 1499:
  • File New Spreadsheet
  • Type e.g. SN in A1 (field title)
  • Click in the Name Box (left of formula bar), type A2:A501 Enter to select the range
  • Edit Fill Series: Start Value 1000, End Value 1499, Ok
  • Define this spreadsheet as source of mailing in your writer document: Edit Exchange Database
  • Insert the SN field in the header
  • Drag & drop from the Data Sources view or
  • Insert Fields More Fields, Database tab
  • Launch mailing.


Thank you so much, I just passed my interview !!