How to protect worksheet using com object

I am looking to programmatically set the protect worksheet and set password. If anyone can give me a few pointers.

See subroutines ProtectSheets() and UnprotectSheets() in standard library Tools module Misc.

Methods .Protect() and .Unprotect() of object Sheet has one parameter as String.

Works Perfectly. Cheers. John sun

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not complete code

    Dim oSM As Object = CreateObject("")
    Dim oMM As Object = oSM.createInstance("")
    Private WorkSheet As Object
    Dim OpenPar(1) As Object
    OpenPar(0) = MakePropertyValue("Hidden", True)
    Spreadsheet = oMM.LoadComponentFromUrl("file:///'Location'/" & SpreadSheetName, "_blank", 0, OpenPar)
    WorkSheet = Spreadsheet.Sheets.getByName(WorkSheetName)

       'Do something with worksheet'

     Dim arg(-1) As Object
    Spreadsheet.storetoURL("file:///'Location'/" & SaveName, arg)
 Function MakePropertyValue(cName, uValue) As Object
    Dim oPropertyValue As Object
    Dim oSM As Object
    oSM = CreateObject("")
    oPropertyValue = oSM.Bridge_GetStruct("")
    oPropertyValue.Name = cName
    oPropertyValue.Value = uValue
    MakePropertyValue = oPropertyValue
End Function