How to put a border line around text

I’ve got a paragraph of text, and I want to place a border around it (?)

If it’s just an isolated paragraph, right click on it → Paragraph → Paragraph → Border tab. Of course, you can also define a paragraph style with a border to use in more places in the document, but keeping format consistency.

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Method 1: Direct formatting (not recommended):

  • Click somewhere into the paragraph
  • Right click -> Paragraph -> Paragraph -> Tab: Borders
  • Add the borders
  • Click OK

Method 2: LibreOffice style based way

  • Styles -> Managa Styles --or-- F11
  • Select icon Paragraph Styles (leftmost icon below the word Styles)
  • Right click on the current Styles being used (may be it is Default or Text Body)
  • Select New
  • Provide a name (eg. Text Body Bordered
  • Set the Borders in tab Borders
  • Click OK
  • Assign the new paragraph style to your paragraph (double click the new style in style manager, while your cursor is within your paragraph you want to have a border around)

Hope that helps.

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