How to put a circumflex above two letters in Writer

please show the keystrokes needed to get a circumflex above two characters in Writer? Let’s say above pS. No explanations needed. I keep finding long explanations that just waste time for a one off effort. Most of the time someone wise in the ways of programmers can figure out how to generalize from an example, if generalization is needed.

Hello @DickCha, Just out of curiosity, what would something like this be used for? Thanks.

Type widehat {pS} , select the phrase and in the menu click Insert > Object > Formula... and it will turn into a Math formula

image description.

Note that the surrounding “box” is only to make it easy to manipulate and doesn’t print, only the pS with circumflex. Cheers, Al

@DickCha: if your “circumflexed” pair is not a word by itself but part of a word, you’ll need to adjust the wrap spacing around the frame to give the look of a single word.