How to put conditional formatting on styles only, NOT numbers

I put some conditional formatting in a Calc (v4.1.2.3 on OS X) table to change the row background color when a specific column in that row is not blank. Unfortunately, LibreOffice won’t let me JUST set a background color - it INSISTS on also formatting numbers. So, if I set 2 of my columns that have fractional numbers to show only 2 digits past the decimal, I also end up with my column of whole numbers displayed with “.00” after the number. Friggin’ brilliant - give the guy that thought THAT up a gold star.

Is there any way to set up conditional formatting so that ONLY my cell background, and maybe the font are changed, not every friggin’ thing about the cell, and leave the rest of the cell formatting alone???

You need two cell styles; one with two decimals and the other with your other option. Create the styles independently based on the default style. When I first tried this I created one style based on the default style then created the other style based on the first style that I had created and ran into the same problem of coupled numbers of decimal places.