How to put fields from 2 queries on one form?

Hi Everyone,

I have a form based on query with all data from my table containing products with prices and quantity.
Query contains sum which I have on the form already.
I’ve made second query which calculates tax and adds “SUM” field from 1st query to the “tax” value and makes a “TOTAL” field.
I want to add “tax” and “total” fields from query 2 into the form that I have.

How do I point to this second query from the level of data field? So far I’ve managed to add “label” and actual calculated values as a table, but i want to add them as data field that will show tax and total values.

Many thanks for any link to learning material or screenshot where to click for pointing to the second query as the data source.



This should be nothing more than a form with the original query and a sub form with the totals. The two forms should be linked with a common factor in the queries such as an ID.

Have a couple of samples in my answers on these posts:

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