How to put higher levels number in the right side in outline-numbering of LibreOffice?

In LibreOffice Writer there is an outline numbering option that could be applied to a paragraph by defining a new style in “Styles and Formatting” window, in “number and bullet lists” tab and selecting “Outline” tab in modify “Numbering Style:” window. In a Left-to-Right document there is no problem for me and levels are displayed as follows:

1. Level 1
   This the text under level 1.
   1.a) Level 2
        This is the text under level 2.
   1.b) Level 2
        1.b.i)  Level 3
        1.b.ii) Level 3

In a right-to-left document, I expect that the higher level number be positioned in the right side of the lower one: But in my LibreOffice (v4.2.7.2) it is shown in left side as follows:

How I can tell LibreOffice to put higher level numbers in the right side in right-to-left documents (such as it puts in the left side for left-to-right documents)?

A part in your question is missing but most likely I can give you the answer even without it.

Positioning of the numbers to the right side:

Tools > Outline Numbering > tab Position there you can adjust the position for each outline level individually.

I recommend to have a look at the free guides, which you can download from

This just move the number such as adding tab or space bofore them, do not rearrange the numbers.