How to put LibreOffice before WinOffice?

I have both LibreOffice and WinOffice in my computer. I use LibreOffice 95% in my work. Sometimes I need WinOffice. But - I cannot move WinOffice from the prior place. So - what to do, that I can use LibreOffice as fluently as ever in my work?

I thought WinOffice would work beside LibreOffice without any issues, being more of a collaboration/resource/workflow/etc. management tool. Never used it myself, though, so I have zero advice to offer.

Are you perhaps referring to the US based office suite Microsoft Office, not the Swiss CRM/ERP/etc. product?

But - I cannot move WinOffice from the prior place

… when doing what? Please turn your question into something like: “When double clicking on a document having a .docx extension/format, I want LibreOffice Writer to start, but <some_other_applications> gets started and loads my document” or “When I do Right click -> New Document in File Explorer <some_other_applications> starts to create a new text document, but I want it to be created by automatically starting LibreOffice Writer” or … whatever you mean.