How to quickly short/enlarge the user menu interface on Calc?

Basically, I’m looking for something like this button on Google Spreadsheets that shorts/enlarges the interface tabs/menus so we can have a simple customized version that doesn’t require much screen, yet the option to have a fully customized and large menu with everything ready to function by just pressing one button. So it would work as “when this button is enabled, change from this interface A to this other B that I previously selected and apply it only here on Calc, wheen it’s disabled, go back to interface A”.

Some screenshots:

* It would be great to have a mixed tab of these two but something tells me that’s probably not an option.

I think the sidebar is great but the lack of customization makes it good enough for me to use it on Writer but not on Calc.

Ok, I did this, as a “short” solution:
One bar interface + shortcuts to show/hide the lateral bar and the formula bar. It helps, but is not really what I was really asking for.

The only difference I see in the Google Sheets images is that the menubar is missing in the shortened one. If that is what you want, why don’t you just Customise to add the menubar icon to the Single Toolbar and click it to display or not display the menubar as you want? Note the image shows Tabbed but the icon is the important thing. Cheers, Al