How to read .xml files?My Libre Office "Data" has the xml deactivated

My Libre Office Calc has the xml option in Data not active. How can I read xml files?

What do you mean by “not active”? The menu entry Data → XML Source… is greyed out?
What LibreOffice version and operating system anyway?
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What do you mean with “read .xml files”? Is it to display raw data on screen? In this case a simple text editor is the best tool. Do you want to load an .xml file and have LO interpret it as structured data (Calc spreadsheet, Writer document, etc.)? Then explain what the .xml file is supposed to contain.

“Import” is still greyed out in Calc Would be very very nice to have it.

There is an experimental function for importing xml files. This is the one that is greyed out. To activate it, go to Tools > Options > Advanced and select the check box to enable experimental features.

I only found it to work for some fields but I don’t know much about xml formats.

Ah right, it was disabled as experimental in 6.3 and older release, but as of 6.4 will be enabled (or at least is in my version…)