How to record narration in Impress?

How do I record my voice over an Impress presentation?

You would need an external app to do so

thank you for the answer.
do you know of any that are available?

Are you using Windows or Linux? As mentioned below, you could use Audacity or e.g. the default recording tool on Windows.

Audacity is a good tool for recording and editing audio.

This would be a nice addition to Impress, to do this natively. A simple audio capture could record audio from a mic and be embedded in the current slide, with a start/stop button controlling the recording. Then move on to the next slide. Powerpoint does this, but with only one audio file per presentation.

Actually with PowerPoint you can go back and record the narration of a single slide. Just choose record narration/starting at current slide then press escape key when you have finished the narration. I use this all the time.

Or you may use eVoice (eVoice | Apache OpenOffice Extensions). Even though it’s in Apache extension site, I tested it and it still works for Libreoffice 7.0.


it sounds like you are looking for a screen recorder tool

Here are two solutions i used successfully

For Linux: SimpleScreenRecorder

For Windows: ShareX

For Video Editing i would suggest: Avidemux

Hope that helps.

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There is a youtube on how to record a narration of a single slide and add it as a sound transition, but it would be tedious for an entire slideshow of any length. Instead, on Windows, download BB Flashback express (free forever) screen recording software. Start your presentation, start recording in flahsback express, stepping thru slides recording the entire narration. Then save the movie as an avi. Then using Live Movie Maker (free forever) import the avi movie, trim it if you desire, then save as MP4 movie which runs on most devices. Free and simple.

Dowload and install Audacity. Obtain a microphone, and connect it to your computer. Comfirm Audacity is configured to receive and record audio through that microphone.

Start recording using Audacity.

Play your Impress slide show. Record your narration while the slide show is played. At the end of the slide show, tap the Audacity Stop button to end recording.

In Audacity, pull down the File menu and select Export as MP3 or Export as WAV. A file export dialog window opens up. Navigate to a known folder, and save the narration recording using a recognizable file name in the known folder.

There are instructions online for using the Slide Transition pane to add the narration audio file as a soundtrack to the first Impress slide. All subsequent slides should be set to No Sound; that No Sound setting allows the narration to continue through all subsequent slides.