How to recover database settings and odb files after system rebuild

I have had to recover the system after a motherboard failure. I have installed MySQL and LibreOffice 4.3 but when I open any *.odb file it is empty. How do I recover the forms and queries that were originally saved in these files?

Tables might be missing from LO if new installation of MySQL was not yet configured to look in the right place for the data … but LO forms and LO queries … can’t think of any reason they would be missing from *.odb.

So all of the ODB files you created previously had data in them but now they don’t ?

Wow this question is more than 2 years old and not one try to answer anything?
You should perceive more details.
Is it really empty? All odb’s are they all really empty. It is hard to believe
If that is true you better have backups?
More probable it is a minor thing and you should be able to perceive warnings messages or anything.
If you have recovered your system (necessity) then create a new DB and do you experience any trouble with that?