how to recover deleted file

i deleted a large file how can I recover it

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How did you delete the file? Move it to the trash bin? If so, open the trash bin and move it out. If you emptied the trash bin, your file is lost. If you used some command line in a terminal, your file is also lost.

In the latter case, recovery utilities may perhaps salvage some bits of the lost file, provided you did not work on your computer after the deletion and, most important, that there is plenty of free space on the disc.

Such utilities depend on the system brand but do not guarantee a reliable recovery.

First look in your wastebasket of your operating system.

Second: LibreOffice internal

LibreOffice offers via the menu Tools>Options>Load/Save at ″Save″ the possibility to save the auto recovery information every “X minutes” (“X” stands for the number of minutes). LibreOffice uses the auto recovery info to recover a file after a crash.

In addition, you can set a checkmark at ″Always create a backup copy″. This way, when you save a document, the previously saved state of the document is cancelled in a copy with the extension .bak. The next time the document is saved, it will be overwritten by the next version. This is a measure that is primarily intended to enable you to revert to a previous version if you have made mistakes while editing a document.
Backup copies are stored in the directory that is set under Tools>Options>LibreOffice>Paths there for backup copies. Under Windows 10, the backup copies are stored by default in the directory

Try some of the data recovery techniques in this post. Remember to regularly save using Save As using some sort of file revision system. This is exemplified in the post.

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