How to redock pages pane in Draw

Somehow the Pages pane in Draw has come undocked, floating free. I want it back on the left side of the Window, as usual. Did research without success. Neither dragging it there, nor any of the methods described for Impress such as ctrl-shift-F10, work for Draw. Any ideas?

[Edit: Windows 10 Pro]

You should mention your operating system and your LibreOffice version, since not all solutions may work for all operating system(LibreOffice versions. Especially for Linux there are combinations, which do not work as desired.

Thanks, done.

image description

Many thanks. This had not worked for me, until I tried exactly what is in your helpful gif. The key, as your video shows, is not just to move the pane to the left, but to keep going until the point of the cursor itself is over the left ruler. So, for other frustrated users: it does not matter how far you move the pane, what matters is that the cursor itself, wherever you have grabbed the pane, moves until it is over the left ruler.