How to reduce the lag time switching between LibreOffice programs?

I really like the newest version of LibreOffice.

The lag time to ‘access’ an open document is significantly longer than say in the case of MSoffice and Mac’s Pages and Calc.

I am working say in “LibreOffice TextDocument” and have to switch to say “LibreOffice Spreadsheet” to lookup something, both of which are already open. When I return to “LibreOffice TextDocument” there is a lag time of a good couple of seconds before I can work on the document. This ‘lag time’ even increases if I switch between web browsers and LibreOffice.

Is there a work around to make this ‘lag time’ shorter?

I have the same problem. Did this get resolved for you?

Have you tried switching off showing images and object? E.g. for writer:
Tools/Options/[+]LibreOffice Writer (left part of the window)/View

On the main window there are options to turn off displaying certain items