How to reference a cell in Google Sheets from Libre CALC

Hello Experts,
Is it possible to reference a cell value in a Google sheet on Google Drive from an LO CALC cell?
Something as simple as =LOOKUP(GoogleSheetRef;CellReference) could work like a charm.
Google Sheets actually provides - in the cell context menu - the specific https:// link address of the cell which can be pasted to a CALC hyperlink but this only opens the document in the browser - focused upon that cell.
I was rather hoping for a function that would extract the value in that cell rather than just permitting me to cut&paste.

Only if you find a way to convince Google Sheets to store as a proper file that you can reference with an URI without it getting its UI in the way. Somehow the File → Publish to the web menu point looks like it, but a short try didn’t yield a usable result.

Thanks for your efforts. I have an abundance of time so I can experiment with a long try. Will post any successes.