how to remove a manual column break in Writer

Having inserted a column break in a writer document, I now want to remove it. That process isn’t showing up in LO Help, Documentation, or a web search? What should I search for? Using LO
Hints appreciated.

Insert your cursor at the end of the the last paragraph mark in the column before the break and press the Delete key

A column break may be added in several ways:

  • in a paragraph style: edit the style Text Flow parameters to remove the break

  • manually with Insert >Break>...

    Put the cursor at the very first position after the column break (after the blue line labeled “Manual column break”) and Format>Paragraph. Go to the Text Flow tab and uncheck the break box.

  • associated to a table

    Put the cursor in the table and Table>Properties. Go to the Text Flow tab and uncheck the break box.

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