How to remove all suite components those out of use?

LO for Linux
Question actually applies to all supported platforms. It’s implementation however which may differ.

How to remove all suite components those neither user is asking for nor those used by user directly ask for as dependency?
I dislike current deployment concept as in case of user needs and actively use just a subset of complete suite the remaining components present simply form security risk; vs. zero value. Only those components used by user directly or indirectly have non-zero value. Whole rest builds nothing but attack surface. Nowadays, in era of intensified threats that status-quo is unacceptable.

And this is the issue. When you use Writer, it uses Base for mail merge and bibliography. It uses Draw components for all drawing primitives (circles/squares/etc.), and Impress is the same as Draw, just with a small difference in UI, so Impress is also “used”. Calc uses these, too. Math? Well, it’s likely the only component that may be removed without risking that something would not fail unexpectedly in other components (you would know that from now on, the formulas in Writer won’t work, right?).

LibreOffice is created to maximally share the code - and that’s why the components are not separate. We dropped support to skip installation of the components on Windows long ago, just because of that - it makes headaches to users, for zero benefit.

Linux distros provide such means to their users in their packages, just because Linux users demand that. Well, I see problems that something not working because of that, but people will always do strange things.

LibreLogo? Agree, this is a significant reduction in the amount of installed code that carries potential danger in our difficult time, when ChatGPT takes over the Internet


Using your preferred package manager, you can remove some component frontends. But the net benefit is really minor as most of the code and libraries is in package libreoffice-core (or equivalent depending on the distribution you didn’t mention).

Look at which packages libreoffice-xyz are installed and try removing them one by one. If it causes deinstallation of libreoffice-core, it is a critical package. Step back.

Keep libreoffice-gtk or libreoffice-kf5 (depending on your desktop) as they provide the interface to the widgets used by your platform/desktop manager. You can remove them but you’ll endup with libreoffice-x11 which is the default fallback but has an horrible look by today’s standards.