How to remove all Text Boxes and shapetype trought navigator

Hi !
I want delete all textboxes and shapetype … but when i click on object in navigator, i dont see delete command. How to do that ? Thanks


Navigator with textboxes and shapetype


Answer to:

How to remove all Text Boxes and shapetype…

Surround all the shapes with the Select tool (first tool in the Drawing toolbar) then press Delete

Answer to:

trought navigator

the navigator does not offer this function


I have gone with this Macro to remove all the TextShape graphic from the document:

Sub removeAllTextShapeFromScannedDocument()
	doc0 = ThisComponent
	dPgs = doc0.DrawPages
	u1   = dPgs.Count - 1
	For k = 0 To u1
	  dPg = dPgs(k)
	  u2 = dPg.Count - 1
	  For j = u2 To 0 Step -1 
	    sh = dPg(j)
	    If sh.ShapeType = "" Then dPg.remove(sh)
	  Next j
	Next k
End Sub

The Navigator has been improved in the 7.x releases.

You can now right-click on an object name and Delete from the contextual menu.