How to remove annoying "LibreOffice update available" message?


I am using multiple PCs and on one specific PC I only use LibreOffice for very very very simple calculations. Like exporting data from one analytical application and in LibreOffice checking if sums are correctly calculated.

So for this PC using LibreOffice I just don’t need any updates! But LibreOffice constantly poping-up message info “LibreOffice update available”. I don’t want to update on this specific computer, for what I need no updates are required.

How to disable this annoying poping-up window?


Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice/Online Update/Online Update Options - Check for updates automatically.

Thanks, I have tried your suggestion, but “update” annoyance still does not disappear. How to remove the icon from toolbar? link text

Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice/Memory/LibreOffice Quicstater - Load LibreOffice during system start-up

Right-click the icon and look at the two last options.

The last two options are “Load LibreOffice During System Start-Up” and “Exit Quickstarter”. I don’t want to remove quickstarter from system tray. I would like to remove annoying “LibreOffice updater” info from toolbar (right next to x - close at the top). See my previous comment link.

WFM, try closing LibreOffice and quickstart, some options are not applied before closing and restart LibreOffice.

That’s it. I closed LibreOffice and quickstart and restarted LibreOffice. Problem solved. Thanks a lot.