How to remove area below TAB in calc!

  • see picture below -

two different databases:

db1 shows the tab “sheet 1” followed immediately by the bottom of Libre Office.
db2 shows the tab “K_emails…” then a SPACE between the tab and the bottom of Libre Office [the dark line]

How can Iget rid of the space below the tab in db2?


The screenshot does not help, as it is completely out of context. The context is missing. Make your screenshot so big that you can see the context.

I’d guess they are talking about the coloured bar that runs across the status bar when a document is being saved.


That space nearly disappears using Linux Ubuntu. When Status bar is turned on it expands to more of what you show (except with data). Possibly a bug in version for your OS (you don’t mention LO version or OS).

In the support of @robleyd, could it be this function? A green bar? It is displayed when a file is saved in LibreOffice. This is normal.

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