how to remove border lines for all frames in document

I have a long Writer document, apparently created using frames throughout. When I originally downloaded the document, the borders of the frames did not show. For some reason, when I opened the document later (from my hard drive), the borders for all the frames in the whole document showed up. I can 't get rid of them.

First, even after reading the Writer Guide 6.4, I can’t find a “global” command or means of removing such items throughout the whole document without doing so frame by frame.

Second, even on individual frames, if I go to Tools>Options>LibreOffice>Application Colors, the boxes for text boundaries and object boundaries are both unchecked already.

Can anybody tell me how to remove the visible frame borders?


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Frames aren’t Text Boxes

Open the Styles sidebar (F11). Select frame Styles

image description

Right-click on Frame and select Modify…. In the Frame Style dialog box that appears, select the tab Borders, under Line Arrangement > Presets select the leftmost one with the tooltip Set no borders. Ok out.

Any frames that you have modified manually will not change with this change in style as direct modification over-rides styles. These you will have to change individually by selecting the Frame and then double-clicking the Frame style in the sidebar, they will immediately change to the default Frame style you have just modified.

I recommend reading chapter 9 Styles in the Writer Guide 6.4. Cheers, Al

If you see pale grey borders those are guides just visible to you and won’t print. You can turn them off by clicking View > Text boundaries to toggle visibilty

If the frames are linked. You can click inside one of the frames, press Ctrl+A to select everything inside, Ctrl+ C to copy and then paste outside a frame or into a new document so that pasted text is not in a frame.

Thanks for another suggestion. The borders are dark, 0.5-point lines, not pale grey. I will have to look into the linked frames idea. It’s gittin’ late, so I’ll have to look at that another night.
Have a good ev’nin’.

Did you click the preset? It looks as though it is selected because it has a darker surround. In the screenshot above I hadn’t yet clicked it when I copied it as I wanted the tooltip to show

Re reading this trail I am now sure that you are seeing the text boundaries on the page. To test print one page and see if they print. To turn off visibility see my comment just below my answer.

Thanks, but I forgot to mention that I tried your suggestion also before I asked the question. Again, the Line Arrangement Preset was already set with no borders.
I have not manually changed any individual frame yet…
I have read the Styles chapters. Maybe I’m missing something, but I’ve read and re-read a few times.
Thanks again.

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