How to remove broken lines (happens when copying text from a site to LO)

Hi there,

I just have started on a work which calls for a lot of copying and pasting. For example, I copy a text from a website and paste it on to my LO Writer. Then I need to format the text according to a specified format and submit the document.

My problem is that sometimes when I copy and paste the text from a site to LO (even special no formatting pasting), the text gets copied, but the lines get broken all through the document. I have to manually search for each page to see what are the lines that are broken and then hit backspace to join the line.

Is there a way to make them join with a single command or at least identify where they are inside a document?



I use LO

If you have double linefeeds at all paragraphs you want to keep separate, there’s an easy way to merge all other lines.

Have you tried Edit → Find & Replace… → Other options →

Either Paragraph Styles or Regular Expression.
\n in the Replace text box stands for a paragraph break that can be entered with the Enter or Return key.