How to remove gap between pages

Is it possible not to display gap between two pages? I would like to hide footer, header and empty gray space between two pages.

Surely your question does not concern printing.

The option > ‘View’ > ‘Web Layout’ may meet your needs. No paging at all will be shown.

For editing ‘Footer’ or ‘Header’ (or regarding page numbers …) you will have to switch to ‘Print Layout’ .

Web layout view option solved my problem. Thank you!

View - Hide whitespace or hover your mouse over the gap and double-click

The ‘Hide Whitespace’ feature was introduced with V 5.1 in 2016.
(I cannot find how the doubleclick trick works. In LibO V5.4.2 I get offered to edit the page break this way.)

@Lupp: it would work for “natural” page breaks - i.e., when there’s no forced page break with its dashed blue line which gets activated on double click :slight_smile:

@mikekaganski: Thanks! Yes, That’s reasonable