How to remove header in tabular report

How can I remove the header in tabular reports?
one thing to have it once/page but between each line?

normal headers are disabled/enabled in the edit menu, but I can’t find this setting

Move it to the details section if you want it for each detail value.

@Villeroy move? I can’t do anything with it, I want to remove it completely.

You have content in the header for the whole group, which won’t be shown if the header is set to unvisible. I see “Title” and “Platform” in the group header.

The header has been created while choosing “Sorting and Grouping”. Go to "View" → "Sorting and Grouping" and choose the group. Then: "Properties" → "Group Header" → "Not present"

THX @RobertG I would never have looked in the sorting and grouping settings, especially chosing an “invisible” line and change to “not present”

but it worked…