How to remove "Image1 ..."

Any idea how to remove the “Image1 …” highlighted in yellow below. I can’t even find a way to select it. Thanks.

(Edit: activated screenshot -AK)


check in View -> Navigator (F5) for Images and a double click on the item will select the image.

Thanks for the quick response. I did as suggested and “Image1” did show up but double clicking, or single clicking for that matter, does not select the item.

Could you upload an empty version of your sheet. If you cannot delete the image - you could delete anything else and upload;-).

I deleted everything and “Image1 …” is still there on line 107.I have the empty file saved but don’t see how to attach it from within this comment. Sorry, I’m sure I am missing something but don’t know what.

When I delete everything in the spreadsheet, “Image1 …” remains and I still cannot select it. If I copy the lines which include “Image1 …” and then paste it into a new spreadsheet, “Image1 …” is visible and can now be selected and deleted in the new spreadsheet. Strange.

As a workaround to the Navigator method:

  • insert a new image
  • without selecting it, press Tab until the “rebel” image is selected
  • now you can edit or delete it
  • don’t forget to delete the new image inserted