How to remove languages from Locale, Currency and Default Languages

I would like to remove some languages from the Locale, Currency and Default Languages options as per request of a supervisor. We are on Linux. Here is a screenshot:

I want these languages Not Appear at all in the drop down list. How can I do this?

Edit: Renaming the language name also works for me. If there is an option to rename the languages, that will work, too.

In “Default Language”, what’s important is not the language name by itself but the small icon before the name telling that the language pack is installed. If your goal is to reclaim diskspace, don’t install extra language packs and remove the unused/undesired ones. Usually, Linux package installers only load the locale one (en_US is always installed).

It’s not about disk space. We need to make one of the languages that appear in locale settings disappear

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You can’t. They are hardcoded in the program.

Can we recompile LO from the source and remove them?

So, is it doable? Can I do what I want if I follow these instructions?

Everything is doable if you change the code. The amount of work to understand what to change and how is not necessarily trivial.

Allright, thanks Mike! I’ll do my best.

Hi Mike, I have successfully compiled source code and run LO. I’m now looking for the text I want to replace. Do you know where it is or how can I change it? Can you please give some instructions for this?

Start by looking into i18npool/source/localedata/localedata.cxx. And then, join #libreoffice-dev on FreeNode for following questions; I don’t know everything, and there you have better chances to get an answer.

I found it. For future references,I’m pasting it here. I edited this file and got what I wanted: /home/ubuntu/libreoffice/svtools/inc/langtab.hrc